PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES WITH A DIFFERENCE At Amanda Johnson Realty, we strive to deliver a professional, reliable property management service that you can trust.

When choosing your Property Manager some points to consider are –

• Cheaper rates are to be questioned as it normally means the agent in question may be providing the service below cost, which should ring alarm bells as to how they can.

• We understand that protecting your asset and increasing the return with a proactive team that does regular inspections and has a sound qualifying process to get you the best tenant possible.

• Amanda has years of experience and handles all matters personally.

• Having an experienced negotiator is vital, that knows the best way to work with people and achieve the best outcome in a friendly manner.

• Maintenance costs can be lowered by smart management and the use of the right tradespeople.

• Landlord insurance is a must and normally costs not much more that $1.50 a day in most cases.

• Understanding the market, achieving you the best possible dollar in rental returns which requires a clever marketing process to attract the right tenants. • A tenant app which allows tenants to view statements, upcoming inspections and other information via mobile phone

• For saving a few dollars a week, which is claimable back on tax, we could potentially save you thousands with a smart process to create a larger portfolio for you and increase the value of your asset.

• We perform drive byes of prospective tenants properties where possible and use the latest technology to run cross checks and use a sophisticated trust accounting program.

• In the event that a tenancy issue does end up as a Tribunal Hearing, you can be assured our team is highly experienced, this does happen, generally we have one or two a year out of our substantial management portfolio, you can rest assured your matter is in the right hands as we have a 100 % success rate.

• Being compliant with the act is vital, ensuring the property is safe, smoke alarms are checked regularly and any hazards are addressed straight away.

• Identifying problems straight away during routines, we have a comprehensive process, as we don’t just tick boxes off the list, we do a detailed report with photos and monitor notable differences that may become a problem down the track.

• We offer 2 weekly periodic payments that could save you thousands off your mortgage.

• We have a strong arrears policy

• Securing good tenants for a longer period is highly important and we work with our tenants to keep everyone happy, if your happy, they are happy.

• Its very important to us that our clients and tenants are aware of their rights, as we attend regular seminars to keep our knowledge of the act and changes up to date.

• We are 100 % online, like most agencies in Australia today, and provide an online process for qualification which must be passed prior to viewing the property, and allowing us to work after normal hours, we don’t just operate 9 to 5.

• We act in our clients best interests always and take pride in protecting our clients affairs, and our clienteles privacy.

• We cover a large area of the Northern Rivers including Casino, Kyogle, Lismore, surrounds and rural properties.

A recent addition to our services is we now have an inhouse cleaning and property maintenance team for large cleans such as bond, settlement, pre rental, deceased estate and rural property clean ups to be sale ready.

Please feel free to contact us at any time. The Property Management Team at Amanda Johnson Realty. 0457 18 5588 PO BOX 495 CASINO NSW 2470